Single Cell Biology Services

How we work

In order to provide the best services to our research partners, we aim to provide input at all points in a prospective project. Therefore, we view the SCBL as a collaborative and white-glove core facility, with input from experimental design, to assay, to downstream data processing.

Ideally, we would prefer if you could loop us in at the time of grant writing or project proposal. In cases where that can’t happen, a typical project involves an introductory meeting to discuss experimental planning, protocl sharing, and budgeting. Upon receipt of your samples, we will oversee all aspects of the assay and data generation to provide you with “analysis-ready” data. For sequencing-based assays, we will perform the sequencing on your behalf as well as sequencing data aligning and post-processing. For imaging-based assays, we intend to provide you with data that can start analyzing ASAP.

How to engage us

Reach out to for all new and recurring projects.

Available Services

Research Support

  • Letters of support, budgets, and consulting for grant proposals

  • Consulting - Protocol development

  • Consulting - Tissue collection, sample handling

  • Consulting - Computational analysis

Dissociative Technologies

10x Genomics Chromium Platform

  • 3’ / 5’ Gene Expression (Low-, Standard-, High-Throughput)

  • 3’ Fixed RNA

  • CITE-Seq, Sample Multiplexing, 5’ VDJ, 3’ / 5’ CRISPR

  • snATAC-seq

  • Multiome (snRNA-seq + snATAC-seq)

  • snCut&Tag

  • Other

  • Single Cell Whole Transcroptome

  • PatchSeq

  • Single Cell WGS + WTA

  • CyTOFTissue dissociation, nuclei isolation, cell washing

Spatial Technologies

  • Imaging Mass Cytometry (IMC), Standard Biotools

  • CODEX, Akoya Biosystems

  • Visium, 10x Genomics

High Content Screening

  • Protocol Development and Optimization

  • Automated drug/dye dispensing, media exchanges, incubation

  • Automated confocal imaging, Perkin Elmer Opera Phenix

  • Biochemical and cell viaibility measurements

  • Live-cell time-course imaging, Satorius Incucyte

Prices, Billing, and Finances

We aim to provide fair and transparent pricing. Prices for dissociative technologies can be found here.

Completed milestones for internal projects are invoiced monthly. External projects (UConn, UCHC, others) are invoiced the month following work completion and receipt of a purchase order.

We will not start projects unless a funding source has been identified and we will not pre-invoice for projects which have not started.