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Note there are numerous publications that have used our services, and given Acknowledgement, without listed authorship from a Single Cell Biology Laboratory team member. These are too challenging for us to track and thus are not listed here.

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  1. Patience Mukashyaka, Pooja Kumar1, David J. Mellert, Shadae Nicholas, Javad Noorbakhsh, Mattia Brugiolo, Elise T. Courtois, Olga Anczukow, Edison T. Liu1, Jeffrey H. Chuang. Cellos: High-throughput deconvolution of 3D organoid dynamics at cellular resolution for cancer pharmacology Nature Communications (2023). In press
  2. Aaron MichaelTaylorPatrick Kwok ShingNgJeffrey M.HarderParveenKumar, Alissa M.DzisNathaniel L.Jillette AndrewGoodspeedAveryBodlakQianWuMichael S.IsakoffJoshyGeorgeJessica D.S.GrassmanDianeLuoWilliam F.Flynn Elise T.Courtois, PaulRobsonMasanoriHayashiAlini TrujilloPaulillo, Silvia Regina Caminadade ToledoFabiola SaraBalarezoAdam D.LindsayBangHoangChing C.Lau. BioRxiv (2023) 2023.11.01.565008; doi:
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  4. Paul Robson; Santhosh Sivajothi; Ramalakshmi Ramasamy. 2023. “OMAP-8: Organ Mapping Antibody Panel (OMAP) for Multiplexed Antibody-Based Imaging of Placenta with Imaging Mass Cytometry (IMC), v1.0.” DOI: 10.1038/nmeth.2869 PMID: 24584193
  5. Santhosh Sivajothi, Emily Soja, William F Flynn, Elise Courtois " Tissue Sectioning Guidelines (FFPE) - CODEX/PhenoCycler V.2" 2023 DOI:10.17504/
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  7. Olivier B Poirion, Wulin Zuo, Catrina Spruce, Sandra L Daigle, Ashley Olson, Daniel A Skelly, Elissa J Chesler, Christopher L Baker, Brian S White 2023. "Enhlink infers distal and context-specific enhancer-promoter linkages[SD1] DOI: 10.1101/2023.05.11.540453 PMCID: PMC10197707 PMID: 37214950
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