Scientific Research Services for JAX Faculty

Pre-clinical Imaging

 The Pre-clinical Imaging Core (PCI) is a Scientific Research Service housed in the Center for Biometric Analysis. The PCI provides in vivo imaging resources for the visualization and analysis of anatomical, physiological, functional, and neurological characteristics in mice.

The PCI capabilities include microcomputed X-ray tomography enabling 3-D reconstruction and assessment of body structures and longitudinal studies of individual animals; a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scanner enabling non-invasive, non-ionizing radiation, in vivo assessment of anatomy and function, and longitudinal studies of individual animals, with sensitivity to tissue and molecular parameters of composition and motion; dual-emission X-ray absorptiometry for quantification of body composition and bone densitometry; collection of 2-D high-resolution digital X-ray radiographic images; and ultrasonography for anatomical and functional scanning of mice, including high-resolution analysis of heart function and blood flow. In addition to performing pre-clinical imaging, we offer training in performing the assays, and scientific consultation to assist with experimental design, data analysis, and data interpretation.

Jackson Laboratory Center for Biometric Analysis