Scientific Research Services for JAX Faculty

Physiology and Cardiology

The Physiology and Cardiovascular Phenotyping Core (PCP) is a Scientific Research Service housed in the Center for Biometric Analysis. The PCP provides extensive and diverse services for in vivo characterization and analysis of mouse physiology. Our focus is exploring the effects of cardiovascular disease, and vision, hearing, and sleeping disorders, on physiology and organ function, in mice that are genetic models of human disease.

The PCP capabilities include measurement of heart electrical activity via surface electrocardiography; high-throughput, non-invasive measurement of heart rate and blood pressure in conscious mice; telemetry devices enabling continuous or scheduled measurement of blood pressures or biopotentials in conscious, freely moving mice; sleep/wake monitoring of individually housed mice via piezoelectric sleep analysis; physiological assessment of hearing via auditory brainstem response; measurement of retinal rod and cone sensitivity and response via electroretinography; and fundus imaging of the eye. In addition to performing physiology and cardiovascular phenotyping, we offer training in performing the assays, and scientific consultation to assist with experimental design, data analysis, and data interpretation.

Jackson Laboratory Center for Biometric Analysis