Scientific Research Services for JAX Faculty

Molecular Biology Services

The Molecular Biology Services (MBS) is a component function of the Genetic Engineering Technologies group. MBS staff have extensive expertise in molecular biology and assist researchers with their needs in genetic engineering, including design of animal models, assembly of transgenic, CRISPR donor, and gene targeting constructs, preparation of DNA samples for microinjection and gene targeting, and genotyping of founder mice using an array of technologies including conventional PCR, long range PCR (LR-PCR), LOA (Loss of Allele), NEO Count, and Southern blot. These services, in conjunction with those of the Cell Biology and Microinjection Services, provide JAX researchers and their collaborators a one stop shop for design and creation of genetically engineered mouse strains. Key reagents include the RPCI-23 C57BL/6J Mouse BAC library and a collection of plasmid vectors. MBS employs ViiA7 Real Time PCR System from ABI, an MJ Research DNA Engine Tetrad Thermal Cycler and a PTC-200 PCR Thermal Cycler for qPCR for PCR related applications.

Services offered by Molecular Biology include:

Scientific Research