Work with the Genetic Resource Science team

Our team collaborates with other scientists to facilitate research progress. The capacity of our breeding facilities, mouse husbandry experience and collective scientific expertise enables us to provide resource support to projects that require large numbers of mice or access to strains of mice that are not broadly available. Our diverse experience and expertise allow us to approach research problems from broad perspectives.

For example, over the last few years we have provided ENU mutagenesis and a mouse model repository for NHLBI’s Bench to Bassinet program. These efforts have evolved into a Mouse Model Core for the creation of mutations in mice using site-specific endonucleases (CRISPR/cas9). 

Other collaborative projects currently under way focus on developing disease-specific models, including preclinical platform development and the identification of biomarkers to enhance the reproducibility of scientific results.  We often work closely with foundations, biotech firms and pharmaceutical companies to develop new models and further translational research.

We welcome the opportunity to form partnerships to develop new research resources. 

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