Nomination Information

Nominations are welcome from patients, families, foundations, family organizations, researchers, and clinicians by contacting our center at or using the links below.

General Nomination Guidance :

Priority will be given for nominations in which our center can work closely and collaboratively with the clinicians, researchers and patient organizations to develop models that can be readily available to the global research community in support of advancing therapeutics for disease. Other primary criteria for nomination selection include:

  • Novelty and need within the research community for mouse models for this disease
  • Evidence the variant and gene cause the disease
  • Feasibility for modeling by our center
  • Potential for preclinical applications

Nomination process

  • Interested parties contact our center to discuss the variant you propose to model. Please contact us via one of the following methods:

         Contact by Email     

         Contact by Form     

  • Nominators will be contacted via email to confirm submission. In addition, our staff will solicit and gather additional information about the mutation, patient phenotypes, plans for evaluating the new model as well as potential therapeutics that may be amenable to the type of mutation. Conference calls to further discuss the project needs and gather information are typically scheduled within a week or two from initial contact.
  • Variant summary is compiled and evaluated by the review committee
  • If selected, experimental plan is devised in conjunction with the nominator(s) to generate the mouse model and conduct the initial evaluation of clinically relevant phenotypes. Once the plan is approved the project is initiated.

Our center will also consider project nominations from the community where a mouse model may already exist but may require additional evaluation to establish the mouse strain as a model for human disease or to gather preclinical data to advance a therapeutic toward IND approval.