Djamel Nehar-Belaid, Ph.D.

Associate Research Scientist

Systems immunologist using single cell approaches to understand the immune system

I have been developing computational pipelines to analyze human blood cells transcriptomics data at the single cell resolution in different contexts including SLE, aging, and influenza vaccination. My main project focusses on understanding how the single cell RNA-seq data can help resolving the SLE transcriptional signatures described decades ago. This analysis allowed a more accurate classification of lupus patients based on specific cell types. This first direct comparison of childhood and adult SLE confirmed the presence of similar transcriptional patterns across age groups and enabled patient classification according to disease activity.

Currently, my research includes understanding how the immune system varies: 1) during aging at the steady state (lifespan project): aimed at analyzing blood transcriptomes from infants, children, young and older adults; and 2) after in vivo stimulation (e.g. influenza vaccination): aimed at analyzing the responsiveness to influenza vaccine in the groups indicated above.

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