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Predictive Biology Initiative Team

The Cube Initiative is accelerating how The Jackson Laboratory conducts research by combining our extensive  Our Medical ImpactResearch discoveries from The Jackson Laboratory (JAX) have directly contributed to many of today's essential medical treatments.genetic expertise , large-scale Scientific Research Overviewresearch capacity , predictive  Data Science at The Jackson LaboratoryData science at JAX is a transdisciplinary research ecosystem that brings together scientists from the fields of computational biology, systems biology, bioinformatics, and statistics to develop tools and data resources for interpreting large, complex data sets.computational power and collaborative  Our People & CultureAt JAX, our culture is driven by our values: People, One Team, Integrity, Stewardship, Excellence, and Innovation. culture . The Cube platform will be a conduit for scientists around the world to better understand our different propensities for disease and a roadmap towards predictive biology. This dynamic digital tool will curate scientific discovery, integrate mouse and human data and generate visual imagery of biological networks affected by disease.

Meet the team who is making it all possible.