Stephen Grubb, M.S.

Senior Scientific Software Engineer

I help to develop web applications, workflows and databases in domains such as iPSC cell line & CRISPR informatics, cancer tumor sample variants and genomics, murine phenotyping and genotyping, colony management/tracking, and interoperability with bioinformatics APIs, ontologies, and other resources.

Originally from the mid-Atlantic region I worked in clinical trials data management and GDB/OMIM at Johns Hopkins, worked overseas in west Africa and Jamaica for several years, then joined Jax in 2000 as a founding developer of the Mouse Phenome Database, later diversifying to other Computational Sciences projects.  I'm active in several community organizations and music groups in Bar Harbor.

Education and experience

MS. Computer Science, Johns Hopkins, Baltimore, MD 1988.

BS. Computer Science, American University, Washington, DC 1984.