Sejal Desai, B.S.

Manager, Software Quality Assurance

I have been in QA for past 14 years and I have performed testing in various domains like E-Commerce, Servers, Storage and Network Controllers, WITSML, Oil & Gas and Education. I love to test and work with my team to deliver a Quality Software Product to clients.

  1. Worked as QA Lead at Schlumberger to manage, co-ordinate and test real time Data Acquisition System for Oil Exploration involving multiple applications controlling Equipment Operations.
  2. Performing Automation testing on software Products and updating Test Scripts as functionalities evolve.
  3. Worked At HP as QA Lead to manage and plan testing for Network Controllers, Storage Controllers and HP E-Commerce website.
  4. Worked with Project Managers, Developers , System Architect to define and customize QA process for Agile as per project needs.

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Education and experience


Bachelors of Electronics Engineering
Diploma in Electronics Engineering.