Jiaxin Li

Predoctoral Staff

I am interested in neurodegenerative diseases and the development of iPSC-derived disease models.

During my undergraduate period, I worked as a research intern in many fields including biochemistry, hematology, and immunology. My experience with iPSC-derived disease models sparked an interest in me for this field. After I received my Bachelor's degree, I joined Macharaki lab at Johns Hopkins University and studied the influence of APOE gene on Alzheimer's disease. I'm currently a member of Burgess lab at The Jackson Laboratory, studying Charcot-Marie-Tooth (CMT) type 2D, an inherited neuromuscular disease. My research aims are to develop an iPSC-derived in vitro disease model for CMT2D, to investigate the disease mechanism and the cause of the cell-type specificity of CMT2D.

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