Dave Mellert, Ph.D.`

Manager, IT Applications

I provide solutions for computational image analysis.


Farmington, CT




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    Someone should do a bot where every academic advice thread automatically gets one of those bullet hole plane images
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    What ever happened to scanners? Taking pictures of documents makes me feel like a 1940s spy

I have a background in Biology with a focus on Development and Genetics. I received my PhD from Stanford in 2009 (advised by Bruce Baker) and subsequently worked as a postdoctoral scientist in the laboratories of Jim Truman and Philipp Keller at Janelia Research Campus from 2009 to 2015. Now I use my experience in Microscopy and Image Analysis to accelerate discovery at JAX.

Education and experience

Janelia Research Campus, HHMI
Postdoctoral Associate
Adv: Dr. Jim Truman and Dr. Philipp Keller

Stanford University
Ph.D., Biology
Adv. Dr. Bruce Baker

University of Michigan
B.S., Biology