Cindy Avery

Research Assistant II

I joined the Burgess lab on January 17th,2023. I am looking forward to maintaining the colonies of mutant mice and assisting in the lab.

I have worked at Jax for Thirty years. The past 10 years was with the Technology Education and Development group. I also have experience working with retinal degeneration mutants, using indirect ophthalmoscopy and using the slit lamp. Prior to this I worked for Kevin Seburn in the Neuromutagenesis Program. My responsibilities include secondary phenotyping of G3 mice, ¦this includes Electroretinography (ERG), Acoustic Brainstem Response, EEG. I have experience in all of the primary phenotyping areas (Olfactory testing, CCMS, SHIRPA testing, Pre-Pulse Inhabitation, Fear Potentiated Startle, Grip Strength and Electric Convulsive Threshold.