Christopher McCarty Ph.D.

Research Assistant II

Chris has worked in the Braun lab since 2014, contributing to the characterization of reproductive mutants.  He has used various molecular techniques to study gene expression at the RNA or protein level, including quantitative RT-PCR, microcopy, Western blotting, and Northern blotting of polysome fractions.  He has also maintained mouse lines for these projects.

Currently, in conjunction with Braun lab collaborators at JAX, Chris is contributing to cataloging and analyzing the phenotypes of mouse lines where specified genes have been knocked out that present with infertility as part of the International Mouse Phenotyping Consortium (IMPC). 

Another recent project, done in coordination with the Center for Biometric Analysis, and Reproductive Sciences, involves the analysis of video recorded mouse mating behavior, a little studied area.  One goal is to increase understanding of this behavior and also, in conjunction with assaying compound efficacy, determine whether this behavior is altered by a contraceptive. 

Chris’ most long-standing project involves the study of whether and how Artificial Reproductive Technologies impact gene expression in the maternal vs. paternal-derived genome during development.