Candice N. Baker, Ph.D

Associate Research Scientist and Program Manager, CUBE

Currently manages the wet lab portion of a multi-PI proof-of-concept genetic and genomic study of predictive biology.

As an Associate Research Scientist & Program Manager for The Cube Initiative at the Jackson Laboratory, I oversee the wetlab portion of large-scale mouse projects. I am interested in the mechanisms of metabolic and cardiovascular diseases and how to use the mouse to model these diseases. The Cube Initiative is an ambitious project in a proof of concept phase currently studying Type 2 Diabetes. Here we are performing ATAC seq, RNA seq, Isoform seq, single cell RNA seq, single nucleus ATAC seq, metabolomics, proteomics, as well as in-depth metabolic phenotyping in mouse models predicted to display varied phenotypic manifestations of T2D.

I also have deep knowledge of CRISPR/Cas9 gene manipulations and mouse model generation. With my experience in Genetic Engineering Technologies, I worked with collaborators to design new mouse models. I have carried this knowledge into my personal research where I am creating new models for T2D as well as cardiovascular diseases. The new models will be used to test genetic drivers of disease predicted from multiple human data sets.

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Grants, honors and accomplishments

Weinstein Cardiovascular Conference Travel Award (2014) 

Graduate Research Excellence Award (2013) 

Graduate Travel Fellowship Recipient (2013) 

First Place Graduate Research Forum (2012) 

Graduate Provost Fellowship Recipient (2010-2011) 

Graduate Travel Fellowship Recipient (2012)