Amy Dunn, Ph.D.

Associate Research Scientist

I am interested in understanding how genetic context mediates effects of environmental risk factors in neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer's disease.

I graduated from Emory University with a PhD in neuroscience in 2017, and shortly thereafter joined the Kaczorowski lab as a postdoctoral associate. I employ a genetically diverse mouse model of Alzheimer's disease to investigate how genetic variability mediates the effects of a high fat diet on Alzheimer's-associated pathogenesis. I use a variety of behavioral, molecular, and computational techniques to precisely identify gene candidates and molecular networks that predict whether an individual will be vulnerable or resistant to environmental risk factors. Ultimately, these studies should lead to novel therapeutic targets for more personalized treatment strategies for Alzheimer's disease.

Amy Dunn on ORCID

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Education and experience


Alzheimer's Association Research Fellow
STAT Wunderkind 2019
JAX Postdoctoral Scholar
Alfond Leaders


Emory University Ph.D., Neuroscience Advisor: Dr. Gary W. Miller 2011-2017

University of Maine B.A., Psychology 2007-2010