Amandine Jarysta, Ph.D.

Postdoctoral Associate

My research focuses on the development of the inner ear, and the hair cells responsible for hearing.

After a thesis in development focused on the primordial germ cells in the testis at Université Paris Orsay, I started a post doctoral fellowship in the Tarchini Lab. Working on the development of hair cells in the inner ear, I study the upstream cues of the Galphai, which are central to the proper development of the cochlea.

Education and experience


The Jackson Laboratory
Postdoctoral Fellow Adv: Dr. Basile Tarchini
2018- present

Université Paris Orsay
PhD; Developmental Biology
Adv: Dr. Pierre Fouchet

Université Paris Orsay
Master degree; Developmental and Cellular Biology

Université Paris Diderot
Licence; Biology and Biochemistry