Abigail Miller, B.S.

Principal Scientific Software Engineer

Designing and developing software systems to improve the capture and storage of laboratory data, especially as it applies to laboratory workflows.

Broad experience working with animal model based LIMS systems, including UI design, system architecture and integration, data modeling, and development.  When I started at Jax in 2003, I worked for Dr. Carol Bult in the NMF on the JaxTrack system supporting colony management and phenotyping.  I subsequently joined Computational Sciences, where I worked on the JCMS and JaxLIMS systems.  I spent a few years away from Jax working on a commercial SaaS LIMS system, primarily responsible for system architecture and DevOps. This gave me the opportunity to work with a large number of academic and commercial laboratories doing animal model research, and allowed me to participate in Microsoft engineering workgroups and case studies.  I am excited to be back as a software engineer in Computational Sciences and look forward to working on the Cube initiative.