Joining the Discussion: The Rare Disease Translational Center Attends the 2024 World Orphan Drug Congress

Join JAX Rare Disease Translational Center Program Manager Paige Martin, Ph.D. and Study Director Matt Simon, Ph.D. as they take us through their experience at the World Orphan Drug Congress. Martin and Simon delve into how the RDTC is poised to make a significant impact on the rare disease community by leveraging JAX’s unique research environment and resources.

Learn about the exciting partnership opportunities they identified with biotech and pharmaceutical companies, patient advocacy groups, academic researchers and more. Vice President Cat Lutz, Ph.D., MBA also shared her insights as part of a panel discussing the importance of improving drug discovery based on her decades of experience studying rare diseases.

At JAX, we aim to accelerate the path from diagnosis to therapy so patients can live longer, healthier lives. Discover how the RDTC is uncovering the molecular underpinnings of disease symptoms and assessing the safety and efficacy of potential treatments in biologically accurate mouse models.