Featured Article April 07, 2020

Social distancing in the time of COVID-19

Social distancing

This animation explains how social distance slows the spread of diseases like SARS and COVID-19.

This series of articles is about the COVID-19 pandemic but specifically deals with social distancing.

  • What is social distancing?
  • Why do we need social distancing?
  • How do we do social distancing right?

These articles were written by Jackson Laboratory President and CEO Edison T. Liu, M.D., and Jill Goldthwait. Liu and Coldthwait are medical professionals who have broad governmental, scientific, and management experience. Goldthwait is an R.N. who has served in the Maine State Senate for eight years and is currently serving in local government. Liu previously led the scientific response for the country of Singapore for the SARS crisis in 2003.