JAX Research Roundup, January 1-11

 New Alzheimer's mouse models show how human diversity affects disease onsetA new genetically diverse mouse population is opening possibilities for translational research into Alzheimer’s disease that accurately recreates human disease symptoms and progression.genetic-diversity-to-accelerate-alzheimers-research

 Nesting dolls and NarniaResearch has yielded fascinating discoveries in genomics, but just when it looks like we might come to a more complete understanding, we instead find more layers of complexity to explore.nesting-dolls-and-narnia

Learning opportunities

 The Whole ScientistJoin us to expand your professional skills as you embark on a fulfilling science career.the-whole-scientist-bh

 Principles and Techniques in Mouse Behavioral Phenotyping and PharmacologyThis new intensive hands-on JAX course will provide scientists with the skills and knowledge required for rigorous design, execution, analysis, and reporting of behavioral phenotyping and pharmacology studies in the mouse.principles-and-techniques-in-mouse-behavioral-phenotyping-and-pharmacology