Cancer and immunology researcher Lucas Chang is new JAX assistant professor

 Lucas Chang, The Jackson Laboratory

Chih-Hao “Lucas” Chang, Ph.D., a scientist who studies cell metabolism in tumor and immune cells, with the aim of developing new treatment approaches for cancers and immunologic diseases, has joined The Jackson Laboratory (JAX) faculty as an assistant professor in November.

Chang comes to JAX from Washington University in St. Louis, Mo., where he was first a postdoctoral research associate and, since 2015, a research instructor in the department of pathology and immunology, conducting studies in how immune cells in cancer, infection and autoimmune disease alter their function and thus aggravate the illness.

Metabolism is the set of biochemical reactions that occur within cells to sustain life. Chang focuses on the metabolic mechanisms in controlling behavior of immune cells such as T cells to conquer immunologic diseases. “My long‐term goal,” he says, “is to expand understanding of the metabolic interplay between tumor and immune cells, which will offer novel strategies for vaccines, drug development, disease prognosis and immunotherapy.”

Chang says, “JAX provides unique scientific resources, such as a broad spectrum of mouse strains, and strong computational support, which will benefit my research on immunometabolism.” He continues, "I feel honored to be part of this vibrant research community, and together I look forward to making it glow brighter."

Chang earned his bachelor's degree in agricultural chemistry and a master’s in microbiology at National Taiwan University, followed by a master’s in pharmacology and a D.Phil. in clinical medicine at Oxford University.