How to Search JAX® Mice

Search by stock number, strain name, gene name, allele name, synonym, or human disease term

When typing your search term in the search field, a list of possible entries will appear after 3 characters are entered. For example, typing “black” will give you choices for terms in our database that include “Black 6 - C57BL/6J”. Select the desired term from the list, and a strain list will be returned. Strain names, stock numbers, and availability icons in the returned list provide a direct link to more detailed information about that strain. Selecting attributes on the left column of the search interface or guided search will allow further refinement of the returned list. You may also enter another term in the search box and hit the “Refine” button. Note that this second search will be against only the existing results set; if you want to initiate a fresh search, use the “Clear Terms” button.

Search by text string

When you enter a search term or text and hit the “Search” button without using the autocomplete function, the results will include only those strains where there is an exact match for the entire text string. Matching text will be highlighted. Fields that are searched include strain name, gene and allele information, strain description and development, site of expression, disease & phenotype terms, research area and donating investigator. Text string searches are not case sensitive.

Narrow your selection using guided search

Selecting the boxes near the attributes or categories on the left side of the window, you can refine your search either before or after entering a search term(s). Note that you can expand the selections by selecting the “Show More” links at the bottom of the lists.

Progressive Refinement

Once you perform a search, any subsequent search without clearing previous terms will only be parsed against the existing search results, not the entire database. Existing search terms can be individually removed by clicking the x near each search term. To searching all strains and start again, select the “Clear Terms” button. You can also remove guided search terms by unselecting them in the menu.

Sorting of results

By default results are sorted with the most popular strains to the top; you can change to view items sorted by strain name by selecting that option at the top of search results listing.

Start New Search

By selecting "Clear Terms" you will clear any existing search results.


By selecting “Feedback" you can add comments that we will use to improve this interface in the future.

If you still cannot find what you need, fill out the Technical Support Form and our Technical Information staff will respond in 1-2 business days. This form can also be used to suggest a new strain that we do not currently distribute.