How to find, choose and interpret the genotyping protocol for your JAX strain

It is very easy to locate and understand the genotyping protocols for a specific JAX strain on our website. Follow the simple steps below to learn how.

Step 1: Navigate to the Mouse Search tool

  1. Go to The Jackson Laboratory website
  2. Select the "JAX Mice & Services" tab, drop down to "Find and Order Mice", and click on "Search for Mice"
  3. You are now on the JAX Mouse Search tool.
    JAX Mouse Search Tool

Step 2: Search for your JAX strain

  1. You can search by stock number (catalog number), by gene name or by strain name.
  2. Select the relevant strain from the list that shows up.
  3. Click on the strain name to navigate to the strain datasheet
    Search for your JAX Strain

Step 3: Locate the genotyping protocol(s)

  1. Look under the "Technical Support" tab, and click on "Genotyping Protocols". A list of available genotyping protocols shows up.
  2. Click on the relevant link to see the full protocol.
    Locate the Genotyping Protocol(s)
    Locate the Genotyping Protocol(s)

Step 5: Finding JAX Genotyping Protocols FAQ

Q: There is no genotyping protocol listed for my JAX strain. What do I do?
Contact JAX Technical Support to see if there are any protocols that are not listed on the website. Genotyping protocols are not available for all JAX® Mice strains. If none are available, you can check the primary reference(s) from the investigator who donated the strain or develop your own assay based on information found in the literature.

Q: Why is there no standard PCR protocol for my JAX strain?
Not all strains can be genotyped using standard PCR. Some strains will have point mutations that are too small to detect with standard PCR, and may require a Probe-based assay or sequencing.

Q: Why are there multiple genotyping protocols listed for my strain?
Multiple protocols may be listed for several reasons. There may be protocols for different types of PCR –standard PCR, QPCR, Probe/Endpoint Analysis, among others. Please review this article for a description on types of PCR.There may be protocols for different alleles, for example if you have a double knockout you may need to genotype for both alleles. There may also be protocols listed for unwanted alleles, for example retinal degeneration alleles that may be a characteristic of the strains' genetic background.

Q: How do I choose which genotyping protocol to use when there are multiple listed?
Please find a guide on how to choose genotyping protocol(s) here.

Q: Why isn't this protocol working?
All of our genotyping protocols are developed for our high-throughput facility, and may require optimization to work well with another PCR setup. Please review our JAX Genotyping Troubleshooting Guide for assistance.