Discover JAX 2021




Solve the hidden image puzzles of Discover JAX to gain access to the word scrambles. After solving the word scrambles, the key letters are revealed. Use those letters to solve this final word scramble.

What is Discover JAX?

Discover JAX is an online adventure consisting of hidden image searches and word scrambles. Read the story of our two JAX PI’s, Si Entist and LaRee Circh as they follow the mysterious Dot through a fantastical biomedical world. Explore images rich in clever visual details, for our hidden characters. Once the characters are found, you’ll gain access to a brain tickling word scramble puzzle. Use the key letters from the word scrambles to solve the final scramble above.

Read about Si Entist and LaRee Circh’s Hunt for The Dot

After a year of change and challenges, Si and LaRee didn’t feel exhausted and tired, they felt resilient and resolute. If they could handle all that, and still be here, then they could handle anything! One day they were in their lab working, when suddenly a spot jumped right off the page Si was reading. It had started as a period, but this dot wasn’t satisfied to indicate endings, it wanted to lead beginnings. The dot grew bigger as it scurried through the lab. LaRee, responding to Si’s yell of surprise, saw the dot slide under their office door.

When they opened the door, it didn’t lead into the hallway, like it had any other day. Today, it led to magical world that was full of impossible things and sights. I’d say they didn’t believe it, but after this last year, everyone was starting to believe anything. They looked at each other and stepped into the world, ready to Discover JAX.

LaRee and Si stepped into this new world they had discovered. There was a buzzing and rumbling all around them. Vehicles made of lab equipment zoomed by, clearly not letting anything stop them from delivering their discoveries. There were cells as big as planets spinning lazily in the sky, just waiting to be explored. Si and LaRee were astounded. They hunted for the dot, and met other curiosities along the way.

Discover JAX - Explore The Puzzles
Discover JAX - Explore The Puzzles

After leaving the hustle and bustle of the previous scene behind, Si and LaRee watched the Dot jump into a canal. The canal was already full of people exploring and traveling down its various twists and turns. It seemed like everyone was able to find something of interest. Some of the researchers poked and prodded in small corners of detailed sections. Others observed multiple situations at once to understand the variables at play. LaRee and Si took in the huge breadth of all these things happening before them, while also keeping sight of the runaway Dot.

Upon exiting the canal, our adventuring scientists emerge to see the sky filled with flying immune cells. The Dot bounced into a basket and rose up and up and away into the sky! Some balloons were small and fast, zipping through the air observing and learning. Some were larger sophisticated command centers, collecting data, and distributing resources. Si and LaRee stopped gaping at the mesmerizing aeronautic network in time to hop in baskets of their own and take off after the Dot.

Discover JAX - Explore The Puzzles
Discover JAX - Explore The Puzzles

After floating for some time, LaRee and Si saw where all the balloons were headed - a large bulbous creature was lurking below at the edge of a clearing. They floated down to the ground where people had trebuchets and arrows that they were launching at the mammoth mutation. The invader started to move more slowly, and as LaRee and Si watched, it grew smaller and smaller. Beyond the shrinking mass, Si could see the tree line of a jungle. “Oh! Look!” Si said, and they spotted the dot, just as it hopped into the trees.

The jungle was full of vines that Si and Laree had to weave through to keep the dot within view. At least it had seemed like vines, but now they could see they were actually creatures. They had faces and were whispering messages back and forth to each other. The dot seemed to be moving just fast enough to stay within view of the scientists. As they followed, the jungle was getting lighter and lighter. They finally exited the forest and found themselves again in a bustling metropolis. There, the dot waited for them.

Discover JAX - Explore The Puzzles
Discover JAX - Explore The Puzzles

Finally, LaRee and Si caught up to the blue dot.

The dot looked up at them. At first Si didn’t know if it could talk, or understand. It was a dot, after all. Si asked, “who are you?”
The dot replied, “I’m more of a What and How than a Who.”
Laree looked at the dot, “why did you bring us here?”

“I didn’t,” said the dot “you followed me. You’ve been following me for years.”
“Okay,” Si said confused, “What are you?”
“I’m The Search,” said the dot.
“What are you searching for?” Asked LaRee
“I’m not searching, you’re searching,” replied the Dot
“We’ve been searching for you.” Si responded.
“No, no, you don’t search for The Search, you search for something else. The Search just guides you to new places while you search for what you are searching for. I was guiding you. I’ve always been there to help you discover.”

Si and Laree look at each other. They still had so many questions, and they were not quite sure what they had found, but they were satisfied none the less. They turned around and saw the door to their lab behind them. They opened it, returned to their normal lives, and continued on with their search.