Meet the JAX Genomic Education Team

Bill Barter, B.A.

Director, Education Platforms | he/him

Brent Berwin, Ph.D.

Director, Courses & Workshops | he/him

Jennifer Corrigan, M.S.

Associate Director, Courses & Conferences | She/Her

Kristin Forester, B.A.

Executive Assistant to the VP of Education | she/her

Erica Gerace, Ph.D.

Program Manager, Experiential Learning

Marianne Goossens, M.Ed

Associate Director, Online and Digital Education | she/her

Rowena Grainger, Ph.D.

Program Administrator, Student and Postdoctoral Affairs | she/her

Lexi Hennigan, B.S.

Associate Course & Workshop Planner | she/her

Therese Ingram Nissen, M.A.

Associate Director, Clinical Education | she/her

Alison Kieffer, MBA

Audience and Market Development Coordinator | she/her

Dawn Lindauer, B.A.

Administrative Assistant IV | She/Her

Kalisi Logan, M.S., CGC

Clinical Genomic Educator | she/her

Erin McDevitt, M.S

Manager, Event Planning | She/Her

Adam McLean, M.Ed., G.C.I.D

Instructional Designer | He/Him

Leanne Miceli, A.S., RALAT

Technical Training Specialist | She/Her

Laura Muller, Ph.D.

Program Director, Undergraduate and STEM Education

Stefanie Roth, MBA

Senior Course and Conference Planner

Morgan Sanders, M.A.

Student Program Administrator | she/her

Lily Schenk, B.A.

Course and Conference Planner | she/they

Linda Steinmark, M.S., CGC

Project Manager, Clinical Education | she/her

Paige Tanner, B.S.

Manager, Audience and Market Development | she/her

Christina Vallianatos, Ph.D.

Genomics Educator and Outreach Program Manager

Laura Ciaccia West, Ph.D.

Associate Director, Medical Education

Alexa Wnorowski, Ph.D.

Genomics Education Fellow | she/her

Sarah Wojiski, Ph.D.

Director, Education and External Programs