Authors and advisors for the Creation of the Core Principles in Family History

This project was funded by the Audrey Heimler Special Projects fund of the National Society of Genetic Counselors and National Human Genome Research Institute. This resource, in addition to the complimentary educational slide set, was created as part of the thesis project of Emily Malouf, MCG, CGC, for completion of the Master’s Program in Genetic Counseling, University of Maryland, Baltimore.  

Authors and Advisors include:

  • Emily Malouf, MCG, CGC
  • Robin Bennett, MS, CGC
  • Siobhan Dolan, MD, PhD
  • Emily Edelman, MS, CGC
  • Erin Harvey, ScM, CGC
  • Joseph Mcinerney, MS, MA
  • Joan Scott, MS, CGC
  • Paula Yoon, ScD, MPH