Contractor and bid information for the Maine JAX Campuses.

Campus information and specific bid details.

The Jackson Laboratory Headquarters in Bar Harbor, MaineBar Harbor Campus

The Jackson Laboratory's 43-acre campus is nestled between the Gulf of Maine and the mountains of Acadia National Park, one mile from downtown Bar Harbor. With a staff of more than 1,500 in Bar Harbor, the Laboratory is Downeast Maine's largest employer. That headcount includes more than 200 Ph.D.s, physicians and veterinarians who staff and support the research teams that investigate the genetic basis of cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer's and many other human diseases and disorders. 

The research models and focus at The Jackson Laboratory in Bar Harbor have been evolving over the years, and continue to evolve, as scientific discoveries are made and new methods of research are developed. This evolution in science creates ongoing demand for renovations of existing space, construction of new facilities and upgrades or replacements of the infrastructure to support the latest models of scientific research as well as improvements with animal housing to support the mice that are critical to our success. To this end JAX has invested over $60,000,000 in capital over the past three years in new construction, renovations, equipment upgrades and maintenance at this campus. 

Individual capital projects at JAX can range from ten thousand to millions of dollars and require a wide range of trades and trade skills. Examples of upcoming projects anticipated to be seeking qualified bidders within the next three months are listed below and grouped in project funding ranges.

JAX Ellsworth FacilityEllsworth Campus

In response to the demand for JAX quality research mice increasing each year, we are engaged in a phased development of our site in Ellsworth, Maine to provide a state-of-the-art animal production facility to meet our current and projected demand. With the first phase of this facility complete and in operation we are currently under construction for Phase II, scheduled to be completed April of 2020. 

Maine Cancer Genomics Initiative – Augusta

The Jackson Laboratory has established the Maine Cancer Genomics Initiative (MCGI) at the Augusta Campus of MaineGeneral Health. JAX has accomplished key milestones toward its mission of partnering with clinical institutions and oncology practices in Maine to help cancer patients across the state. JAX’s MCGI is working with clinicians from every cancer care provider in Maine to enhance oncology providers’ knowledge of cancer genomic technology and provide access to advanced genomic tests and educational programs to the Maine oncology community.  These tests identify mutations that can be targeted by precision medicine treatments.