Prior Scholarship Recipients

JAX is pleased to have awarded scholarships to outstanding high school students, now pursuing higher education and careers in biomedicine.

The 2018 winners were profiled in the Fall 2018 issue of Search magazine.

The 2019 winners were profiled in this July 2019 JAX press release.

Prior scholarship recipients include:

Year Recipient High School
 2019 Joanna Idrovo
Torrington High School
Torrington, CT
Amherst College
 2019 Monserath Mendoza
Sheldon High School
Sacramento, CA
University of California - Davis
 2019 Shannon O'Roak Dexter Regional High School
Exeter, ME
University of New England
2018 Natalia Fuentes
Waterville Sr. High School
Waterville, ME
Harvard University
2018 Guercie Guerrier
Norwich Free Academy
Norwich, CT
Temple University
2018 Yekaterina Zhezherya
Rosemont High School
Sacramento, CA
University of California - Merced