Scientific Research Services for JAX Faculty

PDX R&D Core

The PDX R&D Core aims to provide comprehensive services to facilitate the development and research characterization of patient-derived xenograft (PDX). Through coordination with JAX's Laboratory Animal Health Services, Research Animal Facility, Surgical Services, and relevant Scientific Services, the PDX R&D Core provides the following customizable services:

Facilitate the filing of regulatory paperwork to IACUC, IBC, and IRB: We will provide comprehensive instruction and form packages for filing and amendment of paperwork related to IACUC, IBC, and IRB.

Project planning and management: We will assist Investigator in developing a xenograft project plan, including the establishment of roles/responsibilities for Core staff and PI's laboratory personnel for each steps of the project, coordination of regulatory compliance requirements, budgeting of project cost, and overall data management.

Tissue/cell implantation: We will implant cell/tissue specimens according to PI's specification. Based on orthotopic and non orthotopic needs, routine procedures of tissue engraftment include intraperitoneal, intravenous, intrafemoral, intracranial, subcutaneous, and others.

Post engraftment characterization/study: Through coordination with PI's laboratory personnel, we will provide commonly performed post engraftment characterization/study including tumor growth monitoring (caliper or in vivo imaging measurement: Ultrasound / Xenogen), compound/drug delivery, tumor harvest/processing, and tumor passaging.

These services are limited to Jackson Laboratory researchers and investigators only.

The next big thing in cancer modeling patient derived xenografts.