Training and Education

All individuals involved in human subjects research (exempt or non-exempt) need to undergo specific training. The Collaborative Institutional and Training Initiative (CITI) is a program designed to provide research ethics education to all members of the research community and fulfills this requirement. Certification of training should be on file with the IRB, prior to beginning work on a project.

Required Training

The CITI Human Subjects Protection course and the Conflict of Interest (COI) course must be completed for initial training. CITI Human Subjects Protection modules completed through other institutions may be transferred through the CITI site. Human Subjects Protection training is through one of the following tracks: Biomedical Research, Social-Behavioral-Educational Research, or Computational Scientist and must be renewed every three years. The COI course must be renewed every four years.

Good Clinical Practices training is required for all individuals involved in the conduct of clinical trials, regardless of the source of funding. This course is also provided by CITI.

Additional CITI Training

Revised Common Rule – this course covers the changes made to the Common Rule in 2018.

Bioethics - this course presents an overview of bioethics concepts, principles and issues. This course is recommended for those conducting human research in which bioethics and complex issues must be considered.

Responsible Conduct of Research- This course provides an in-depth review of the core RCR topics including authorship, collaborative research, conflicts of interest, human subjects, and research misconduct.

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JAX researchers need to complete 2 training modules: Biomedical Research Human Subjects Protection and Conflicts of Interest.

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IRB & Regulation of Return of Research Results

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