Zoë Bichler, Ph.D.

Associate Director, Neurobehavioral Phenotyping Core, Center for Biometric Analysis

Expert in in vivo-phenotyping of animal models of psychiatric and neurological disorders with a strong focus on neurobehavioral traits.

My research interests relate to understanding the behavioral and biochemical characteristics of psychiatric and neurodegenerative diseases, as a strategy to discover therapeutic agents and improve medical care. During my career, I have developed a strong expertise in pre-clinical studies, establishing, running, troubleshooting and teaching neurobehavioral assays, as well as advising on the best experimental design, and developing new technical setups. Trained in the fields of neuroscience, immunology, cardiology and metabolism, including microbiome research, I favor a multidisciplinary approach to solving scientific problems.

Zoë Bichler on Orcid

Education and experience


PhD in Biology (Neurosciences) “Immunological and neurological study of transpolygenic mice for human chromosome 21 fragments”. Transgénose Institute, CNRS, University of Orléans, France. 1998–2002.
MSc. Equiv. (DEA, Postgraduate Diploma) "Psychopathology and Neurobiology of Development and Behaviors", University of Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris VI, France. 1998.

Professional experience

2019-present Senior Manager, Head of the Neurobehavioral Phenotyping Core, The Jackson Laboratory, Bar Harbor, Maine, USA
2017-2019 Senior Assistant Director Animal Research Facilities, and Animal Behaviour Specialist, Head of the Behavioural and Metabolism Evaluation Facility (rodents and Non-Human Primates), Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
2017-2019 Joint Associate Research Scientist, National Neuroscience Institute, Singapore
2012-2019 Adjunct Assistant Professor, Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School, Neuroscience and Behavioural Disorders Program, Singapore
2012-2017 Associate Research Scientist, Head of the Behavioural Neuroscience Laboratory, In-charge of the Behavioural Core Facility and Behavioural Platform, In-Charge of Core Facility for Stereology, National Neuroscience Institute, Singapore
2011-2012 Senior postdoctoral position, National Neuroscience Institute, Singapore
2008-2010 Principal Investigator of the Biology Department, Prous Institute for Biomedical Research, Science Park of Barcelona, Spain
2006–2008 Postdoctoral fellow, Institute of Cellular and Molecular Basis of Neurodegeneration and Neurorepair, Neurobiology Laboratory, Science Park of Barcelona, University of Barcelona, Spain
2003–2006 Postdoctoral fellow, Molecular Neurobiochemistry, Ruhr University Bochum, Germany