Qingchang Meng

Associate Director

Building highly efficient genomic and NGS toolsets for gene discovery in rare and common genetic disorders, cancer and infectious diseases.

As a researcher trained in Cancer Biology and Molecular Biology, I bring a wealth of experience in both theoretical knowledge and practical application. My previous work in novel genomic and Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) tool development has equipped me with a unique skill set, allowing me to navigate complex genetic landscapes with precision and innovation. Additionally, my expertise extends to the design and implementation of high-throughput pipelines, facilitating efficient and accurate genomic data analysis. Building upon this foundation, I am currently deeply invested in the research of rare and common disease gene discovery. By leveraging advanced genomics tools and methodologies, I am dedicated to uncovering the genetic underpinnings of both rare and common diseases, spanning infectious, inherited, and somatic mutation-related conditions. My ultimate aim is to translate cutting-edge research into tangible solutions that improve patient outcomes and advance the field of genomic medicine, addressing the complexities of disease at both individual and population levels.