Paul Gabriel Jr.

Cellular Biologist II

High Content Screening, Automation, Liquid Handling, Complex Cell Culture Systems, Mycology, Natural Products

I have about four years of experience with 3D organoid cell culture and drug screening.  My primary responsibility within SCBL is to conduct our High Content Screening and Automation platform.  The platform consists of a liquid handler, confocal microscope, incubator, plate reader, and robotic arm.  I am involved in this platform from beginning to end.  I assist prospective researchers to plan their screening projects and to optimize their proposed methods in a very collaborative, team-based setting.  Once completed, I am involved in translating the step-by-step manual methods into the programming language that our liquid handler uses, and then validating the automated method to ensure that it's comparable to performing the method manually.  Once the automated screening methods are written and validated, I am the person responsible for actually conducting the daily tasks of the project and operating the liquid handler and other automated instruments that we have.  Finally, I compile summary reports containing relevant information for each project to distribute the generated data.  I am currently investigating new types of microplates that we may use to increase the complexity of our cell culture systems.

Paul Gabriel on Orcid