Nitai Schwartz, M.L.T(ASCP)

Instrument Technician

Support and maintain all scientific instruments and equipment at Jackson Laboratory Farmington Campus as well as assist in the procurement and installation of new equipment. Provide training for new and existing employees and assist with specific protocols and applications for individual research needs. Perform repairs on pieces of equipment saving principal investigators and their colleagues from having to pay field service engineer travel and labor expenses. Fit out new and existing lab spaces for optimized efficiency and workflow.

Specialized background in Hematology: Myelocytic and Lymphocytic leukemia, coagulation disorders, bone marrow aspirate, manual differentials.
Background in Microbiology: Bacteria identification, parasite identification, agar/medium preparation, sample collection.
Background in Chemistry/Immunology: Spectrophotometry, ELISA, Electrophoresis.
Background in Phlebotomy: Sample collection, anticoagulants/additives, detailed knowledge of blood and urine test panels.