Juliana Alcoforado Diniz, PH.D.

Associate Research Scientist

Molecular phenotyping, single cell analysis, and metabolomics studies to characterize gene knockouts in iPSCs that will subsequently be differentiated into extra-embryonic cells. Identification of senescent cells in human pancreas. Laboratory management.

Associate research scientist with strong background in cell and molecular biology. Vast experience working with genetic of microorganisms in six different countries. Master’s in biotechnology and PhD in molecular microbiology with six years of experience as a postdoctoral associate in three different laboratories.

In the Robson lab I have been involved in a varied of projects such as the Molecular Phenotypes of Null Alleles in Cells (MorPhiC) with the aim to knockout (KO) 250 protein-coding genes in human induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) that will subsequently be differentiated into two cell lineages, the extra-embryonic and the neuroectodermal, where cells will then be comprehensively phenotyped. And the KAPP-Sen Tissue Mapping Center which aims to address SenNet goals in the framework of healthy human Kidney, Adipose tissues, Pancreas, and Placenta. In addition, I am also laboratory manager taking care of the set up and organization of the lab, assuring the Good Laboratory Practice as well as generating several Standard Operating Procedures.

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