Gregory Omerza, Ph.D., M.B.(ASCP)

Manager, Clinical Data Analysis & Reporting

Greg is currently the Manager of Clinical Data Analytics & Reporting in the Clinical Genomics Laboratory at JAX-GM, where he supervises Analysis & Reporting for both the Molecular and Virology specialties.

Gregory is a Clinical Genomic Scientist at The Jackson Laboratory for Genomic Medicine. Gregory joined JAX in September of 2018 from Thomas Jefferson Hospital in Philadelphia, where he was the Manager of the Genomic & Molecular Pathology Laboratory. He brought with him over two years of experience in molecular oncology and infectious disease testing in addition to 5 years of signaling pathway research. As Manager of the Genomic & Molecular Pathology Laboratory, Gregory has been involved in the validation, testing, and reporting of molecular oncology tests using various sequencing technologies including next generation sequencing. Gregory holds a Ph.D. in Cell and Developmental Biology from Thomas Jefferson University in which he investigated the non-canonical activation of a MAPK.