Elizabeth Rocker

In Vivo Technologist

My primary research includes measuring the half life of an antibody in various humanized FcRn mouse models.

Most of my job of being an In Vivo Technologist consists of performing the hands on mouse work for various projects. This entails performing basic bio methods such as handling (restraint, ear notch/tag, clinical observations, body weights, tail tipping), dosing (i.e. PO, SC, IP, IV), blood collection (i.e., RO, submandibular, tail tip), tissue collection and blood processing. I specialize in delivering a precise amount of therapeutic monoclonal antibodies, using JAX-generated FcRn-humanized models, to assist scientists in determining the pharmacokinetics, bioavailability, and efficacy of them.

Education and experience


SUNY Delhi
A.A.S., Veterinary Science Technology

Becker College
B.S., Veterinary Science

Husson University
MBA, Biotechnology and Innovation concentration
2015-anticipated graduation date of 12/2017


Animal Care
The Jackson Lab, JMCRS

In Vivo Technologist
The Jackson Lab, GRS