Ana Hontoria

Genomic Technologist 1

I am a Genomic Technologist assisting researchers with their Next Generation Sequencing and Sanger Sequencing needs.

I am a Salve Regina University alumni, and graduated with a B.S. in Biochemistry in 2022. My undergraduate research was focused on antibiotic resistance, quorum-sensing inhibition, and natural drug design. Here at JAX, I am an integral member of the Genome Technologies team, assisting in many of our workflows including nucleic acid extraction and QC, RNA library preparation (mRNA, total RNA), and DNA library preparation (whole genome, exome). In my role, my daily tasks include using automation for liquid handling (Sciclone, Tecan, and Janus), as well as qPCR, Qubit, and Bioanalyzers for our QC workflows. Additionally, I am cross trained in the Sanger Sequencing department and work as a part time member when needed.

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