Biomedical Research in Maine

The Jackson Laboratory (JAX), a nonprofit biomedical research institution, is proud to be headquartered in Maine, where we are one of our state’s largest private employers, creating nearly $800 million in economic activity each year and providing more than 1,500 jobs. The Laboratory will soon be opening our new, state-of-the-art vivarium in Ellsworth that will create a safe, healthy environment for our mice, those who care for them and for our community.

For more than a century, scientists have used mouse models to make important breakthroughs and find cures for the most devastating human diseases. As the world leader in the use of the mouse as a research model, The Jackson Laboratory has an unwavering commitment both to this research and to our mice. We set the global standard for the humane and ethical treatment of laboratory research mice.

The Jackson Laboratory regularly conducts rigorous internal reviews and invites AAALAC International to perform external evaluations on a routine basis regarding animal welfare at the Laboratory.

We are very proud of our animal care program and our commitment to maintaining the highest standards of ethical and humane treatment of our mice. More information is posted at