What are digital badges and why should you consider sharing yours?

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Maybe you’ve seen posts from friends on LinkedIn or other social media – “View my verified credentials from…”  These refer to digital credentials, also known as digital badges, which is a way for learners to validate that they have participated in an online course and met certain standards.

As colleges and universities, research institutes and other organizations continue to create more high-quality online courses, these digital badges are becoming a common way for successful learners to document progress and share accomplishments. Badges include detailed descriptions of your learning and the skills you acquired.

The power of sharing your digital credentials

Based on the “Open Badges standard” several companies now collect and house digital credentials from organizations like JAX. (We work with Credly®.)  You can link all your badges and build a personal education landing page to share with friends, colleagues, potential academic programs and future employers.A JAX digital badge.

How to earn a JAX digital badge

Since 2015, the Online and Digital Education team at JAX has been developing open access online learning for advanced students and trainees, research assistants, lab technicians, early career scientists, colony managers and more. Today, we have 13 self-paced Online MiniCourses covering foundational genetics and genomics topics, with new content always in the works – like the Online MicroLessons we launched earlier this year (complete most MicroLessons in less than 15 minutes!)

Here’s how you can earn digital badge credentials from JAX:

  1. Sign up to enroll in a JAX Online MiniCourse for free
  2. Successfully complete the Online MiniCourse at your own pace in 1 – 2 hours
  3. Earn, purchase and share your new JAX digital badge and certificate with your professional network on LinkedIn and beyond to advance your career

Online Minicourses at JAX