Accelerating Discovery Driving Innovation Creating Hope

At JAX, we are the masters of complex genetics and functional genomics. We are harnessing the power of new technologies to understand health and disease, and to lead the way to new treatments and cures.

Last year was a banner year for The Jackson Laboratory. Our successes — impactful scientific discoveries resulting in increased research grant support, in moving a therapeutic molecule through pre-clinical development, and in increased philanthropy — put us in a better position than ever to lead the accelerating progress of precision medicine into 2016 and beyond.

The story of Al Raymond underscores the power and potential of the work that we do — as well as its urgency. Ultimately,what motivates us is not just the satisfaction of making discoveries in the lab; it is the joy of turning that science into real advances that will impact human lives. Challenges lie ahead. As another article explains, there are many reasons we don’t yet have a cure for cancer.Yet because of our success, I believe that JAX is in a remarkable position to lead the search for treatments and cures — not just for cancer, but for the many diseases and conditions that are rooted in our genes.

We could not do this without your support. Thanks to you, our partners in discovery, we are accelerating research progress, bringing new knowledge and innovations to the broader scientific and biomedical community, and creating new hope for people like Al — people for whom devastating disease is not a scientific challenge, but a deeply personal one.

Thank you for helping JAX rise to meet that challenge.