The multiplier effect is what sets JAX apart

We are not just advancing science more quickly in our own research labs. We are fueling discovery on a global scale — developing the tools and technologies that are used in biomedical research in laboratories around the world, and building innovative partnerships to accelerate research progress and train new generations of scientists.

The work of Assistant Professor Gareth Howell, featured in the Winter 2015 issue of The Search, highlights this multiplier effect at work. Dr. Howell's study of Alzheimer's is revolutionary in its potential to unlock new approaches to prevention, diagnosis and treatment. But just as important as the advances that come directly from Dr. Howell's lab is the global impact of his work to develop better mouse models for Alzheimer's research: models that can then be used by scientists everywhere.

We can also see the power of this multiplier effect — and our global impact — in our collaborations with other institutions. Our partnership with South Korea's Ewha Womans University, for example, demonstrates the power of JAX to inspire young scientists around the globe and serves as a catlyst for collaboration. Over the summer, JAX hosted a group of graduate students from this prestigious women's university, galvanizing their confidence in pursuing careers in science. JAX and Ewha co-hosted an international symposium on genomic medicine as a step toward forging more extensive research collaborations.

Philanthropic support for JAX further amplifies this multiplier effect. Each gift we receive advances our mission, with ripple effects that have an impact far beyond our campuses. Whenever someone gives to JAX, he or she is accelerating discovery at The Jackson Laboratory and around the world.

That's the power of the multiplier effect. That's the power of JAX. And it's all made possible by you, our partners in discovery.

Edison Liu, M.D., is President and CEO of The Jackson Laboratory.