JAX Supports 2022 Connecticut Science and Engineering Fair with the Urban School Challenge

The 74th annual Connecticut Science & Engineering Fair abstract science image with microscope, dna strand, and various peopleThe 74th annual Connecticut Science & Engineering Fair awarded over $600,000 in awards, scholarships and prizes to middle and high school students, including the Urban School Challenge, of which JAX was the major sponsor. The special fair category serves the state’s lowest performing Alliance District schools.

The statewide science and engineering fair is open to all 7th through 12th-grade students residing, or enrolled, in Connecticut schools and Fishers Island. The program works to attract young people to careers in science and engineering while developing skills essential to critical thinking. Through science fair participation, students are encouraged to pursue independent work using proper research methods.

This year 14 JAX employees reviewed the students’ research methods and conducted virtual interviews as CSEF judges. A special thank you to the following JAX volunteers: Francesca Menghi, Matthew Coxe, Sarah Wojiski, Feyza Yilmaz, Christine Goldfarb, Kathleen Teter, Alexis Garretson, Britt Callahan, Erica Gerace, Alexa Wnorowski, Jason Tran, Bill Flynn, Dacheng Zhao and Izabela Puskarz.

Urban School Challenge Middle School Awardees:

Ethan Joseph, Grade 7. Town: West Haven 
1st Place Middle School - $300 and Plaque, Medallion

Model System Design For Technology-Assisted Insulin Regulation
Sydney Borst, Grade 8. Town: Danbury 
2nd Place Middle School - $200 and Plaque, Medallion

Impact of prediction methods on the percentage accuracy of a stock forecast
Alejandro Mayorga, Grade 7. Town: Danbury 
3rd Place Middle School - $100 and Plaque, Medallion

Design and Testing of an Integrated 360 Degree Pi Camera System for Deep Well Rescue Mission Award Sandhya Sudarsanam, Grade 8. Town: Danbury 
4th Place Middle School - Plaque, Medallion

Mealybug Management 101 A Study of Household Plant Pest Treatment Options
Avni Manish, Grade 7. Town: Newington 
5th Place Middle School - Plaque, Medallion

How do fears change with age?
Shiloh Gutierrez, Grade 8. Town: Bridgeport
Alyssa Cruz, Grade 8. Town: Bridgeport
Middle School Finalist - Medallion 

The Effects of Ice Mitigation Strategies on Livestock Waterers Award 
Sophia Blumenreich, Grade 8. Town: Danbury 
Middle School Finalist – Medallion

Benefit of Granular and Mesh Filters on Concentrations of Microplastics in Water Award
Krrish Brahmkshatriya, Grade 8. Town: Danbury
Benjamin Miller, Grade 8. Town: Danbury
Alexander Herzegovitch, Grade 8. Town: Danbury 
Middle School Finalist - Medallion

It's not a pro, It's a robot?
Gavin Dusel, Grade 7. Town: Newington 
Middle School Finalist – Medallion

Flocculants to Mitigate Harmful Algal Blooms (HABS)
Saket Aliminate, Grade 8. Town: Milford
Middle School Finalist – Medallion

Which Type of Rocket will affect a Rocket's Time, Height, and Distance the Greatest?
Nivrith Ananth Iyer, Grade 8. Town: West Haven
Parth Gokhale, Grade 8. Town: Milford.
Middle School Finalist – Medallion

The Effects of Run-off Pollutants on the Harmful Algal Bloom (HAB) model C. Vulgaris Award 
Adithi Variar, Grade 7. Town: Wallingford 
Middle School Finalist – Medallion

Urban School Challenge High School Awardees:

Implementing Nontoxic Modified Magnetic Metal Oxide Nanoparticle Enhanced Biochar Filtration for the Efficient Removal of Emerging Contaminants in an Aqueous Solution
Snigtha Mohanraj, Grade 9. Town: Ansonia  
1st Place High School - $500 and Plaque, Medallion

Quantifying the interspecific impacts of the native relationships of the Long Island Sound
Sarah Davis, Grade 12. Town: Trumbull 
2nd Place High School - $400 and Plaque, Medallion

Optimizing Desalinization of Industrial Brine Through Temperature Swing Solvent Extraction
Jackson Warters Grade 12. Town: Milford  
3rd Place High School - $ 300 and Plaque, Medallion

Piezoelectric Wind Harvesting Electrical Energy Conversion
Dylan Pueschel, Grade 12. Town: Hebron
John Watrous, Grade 12. Town: Hartford 
4th Place High School - Plaque, Medallion

The Use of Secondary Plant Metabolites to Reduce Pseudogymnoascus destructans Transmission Among North American Bats
Grace Hilton, Grade 12. Town: Fairfield 
5th Place High School - Plaque, Medallion

The Use of Sodium Bicarbonate as a Local Buffer to Decrease Ocean Acidity in Localized Areas to Increase the Oyster Growth
Kennedy Carr, Grade 12 Town: Fairfield 
Senior High Finalist – Medallion

Absorbing High Concentrations of Nitrogen using Biochar as a Preventative Measure to Mitigate the Dinoflagellate Karenia brevis
Student(s) Kelsey Farber, Grade 12. Town: Fairfield.
Senior High Finalist – Medallion

Utilizing Rooftop Gardens as a Means of Geothermal Energy Through Ground to Air Heat Transfer Systems Award
Aidan King, Grade 12. Town: Milford 
Senior High Finalist – Medallion

Comparing Various Machine Learning Models while Predicting Taxonomy using Codon Combinations Shriya Jonnalagadda, Grade 10. Town: Danbury
Senior High Finalist – Medallion

Computational Hydroponics
Zahrion Watson, Grade 11. Town: Bloomfield
Vanessa Weir, Grade 11. Town: Hartford
Khaley-shai Wyndham, Grade 11. Town: Windsor
Senior High Finalist - Medallion