JAX Research Roundup, January 12-24

Research news

 The rapid evolution of cancer cells under attackUsing PDX mouse models, JAX Associate Professor Jeff Chuang has tracked the evolution of triple negative breast cancer cells following administration of common forms of chemotherapy. the-rapid-evolution-of-cancer-cells-under-attack

 JAX scientists join NCI brain cancer collaborationsJAX Professors Roel Verhaak and Ching Lau are leading research programs into glioblastoma with awards from the National Cancer Institute as part of a large national research consortium. nci-brain-cancer-collaborations

 Linking therapy to an asthma-driving moleculeRecent research suggests long non-coding RNAs (lncRNAs) contribute to immune dysfunction, and JAX Assistant Professor Adam Williams is investigating the roles they may play in asthma.linking-therapy-to-an-asthma-driving-molecule

Learning opportunities

 PostBacc @ JAX helps college graduates stand out from the crowdPhysician-scientist training is rigorous, and programs are seeking candidates who have shown the dedication and motivation needed for success. helping-college-graduates-stand-out-from-the-crowd

 The Whole ScientistJoin us to expand your professional skills as you embark on a fulfilling science career.the-whole-scientist-bh

 Principles and Techniques in Mouse Behavioral Phenotyping and PharmacologyThis new intensive hands-on JAX course will provide scientists with the skills and knowledge required for rigorous design, execution, analysis, and reporting of behavioral phenotyping and pharmacology studies in the mouse.principles-and-techniques-in-mouse-behavioral-phenotyping-and-pharmacology