Learn about CRISPR, Cre-lox through self-paced online JAX MiniCourses

Learn about CRISPR, Cre-lox through self-paced online JAX MiniCourses

Do you want to know more about gene editing technology? A new online certificate program presented by The Jackson Laboratory (JAX) will provide you with a detailed overview of CRISPR, Cre-lox and other genetic engineering tools.

“This introductory course is for people who have a deep interest in understanding the process of gene editing using CRISPR or Cre-lox,” says Michael V. Wiles, Ph.D., JAX senior director of technology evaluation and development, and author of the new CRISPR MiniCourse. “That includes those who need to learn how to use these technologies themselves, for the genetic modification of laboratory mice for research, or who plan to order this as a service from an outside organization.”

The self-paced Introduction to CRISPR/Cas9 and Cre-lox Technologies certificate program includes two MiniCourses: Basics of CRISPR/Cas9 and Cre-lox Technology in Mouse Modeling. Each MiniCourse takes one to two hours to complete. Learn more and access the courses here.

“These technologies offer a powerful new way to make better models of human diseases,” Wiles says, “in order to understand, treat and ultimately cure or even prevent those diseases.”

By gaining an understanding of these amazing and powerful technologies, he says, “participants will learn to see their potential for helping mankind. Knowledge is power.”

JAX offers a variety of education programs designed to educate current and future scientists and to provide critical resources, data, tools and services to researchers worldwide. Since the launch in 2017, more than 900 participants have taken at least one of the six  JAX Online MicroLessons and MiniCoursesSelf-paced online learning from the genetics and genomics experts at The Jackson Laboratory, designed for graduate and postdoctoral students, research assistants, early career scientists, lab technicians and advanced undergraduates with a background in biology.JAX Online MiniCourses now available.