JAX releases new online minicourses to address research challenges

In today’s scientific research community, the expectation is to be up to date on current technologies, research and breakthroughs.

The Jackson Laboratory (JAX) recognized the need to meet this challenge and is now offering a customized solution, the newly created JAX Online Minicourses & Certificates.

This new program allows you to access content from JAX’s leading scientists and world-class faculty at the touch of a fingertip.

JAX is excited to announce the release of two new online courses:

  • Diversity Outbred Mice provides an overview of genetically diverse mouse models, the Collaborative Cross (CC) and the Diversity Outbred (DO).
  • Cre-lox Technology in Mouse Modeling is an introduction to using the Cre-lox system to genetically engineer mice for human disease modeling.

Hundreds of learners have accessed our online MiniCourses, which provide digital, on-demand access to educational modules based on our renowned in-person Courses, Conferences and Workshops. An easy-to-use online interface enables students to proceed at their own pace.

 JAX Online MicroLessons and MiniCoursesSelf-paced online learning from the genetics and genomics experts at The Jackson Laboratory, designed for graduate and postdoctoral students, research assistants, early career scientists, lab technicians and advanced undergraduates with a background in biology.minicourses-and-certificates