Ten Reasons Why Humanized NSG™ Mice Are So Useful

Recent breakthroughs involving humanized mice have elevated the translational quality of preclinical mouse models. Jackson Laboratory (JAX) NSG™ mice -  NOD.Cg-Prkdcscid Il2rgtm1Wjl/SzJ (005557) - are the leading platform for creating humanized mice because no other immunodeficient strain enables such a wide range of sophisticated research models. JAX humanizes NSG™ mice by injecting human hematopoietic stem (hCD34+) cells, which reconstitute the mice with the major cell types of the human immune system. Humanized NSG™ mice provide a system for testing how treatments modulate the human immune system, as well as create refined models for diverse infectious diseases including HIV.

Ten good reasons to choose the JAX NSG™ mouse

1. The scid mutation prevents mouse B and T cells from developing.

2. A complete knockout of the interleukin 2 receptor gamma chain (Il2rg) gene blocks signaling from six different interleukins and completely prevents the formation of functional mouse NK cells

3. The NOD genetic background further reduces the mouse's immune system by eliminating hemolytic complement and reducing dendritic cell and macrophage functions. NOD mice also express a unique variant of the Sirp-alpha protein that directly contributes to superior engraftment of human hematopoietic stem cells.

4. An extended lifespan enables long-term experiments that were not possible in NOD-scid mice.

5. NSG™ supports more efficient multilineage hematopoiesis and improved human mucosal and adaptive immune functions. Engraftment of mature human immune cells, including peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMCs), is also enhanced.

6. NSG™ mice support co-engraftment of multiple human tissues, including immune cells and tumors.

7. NSG™ is the preferred platform for developing refined models with specialized research applications.

8. NSG™ is supported by a tremendous amount of online technical resources.

9. Validated, humanized NSG™ mice are available for distribution.

10. JAX offers comprehensive In Vivo  Pharmacology Services, including efficacy testing in humanized NSG™ mice. Naïve NSG™ mice are also readily available from our Bar Harbor, Maine, and Sacramento, California, breeding facilities.

Obtaining humanized NSG™ mice

To see our full catalog of immune-humanized mice, visit our humanized mice resources page.