Tumor Biology Database

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Example Data

Tumor Pathology Reports and Images
Search results for pathology images of a brain cyst, including the image, strain name and reproductive status, tumor frequency, tumor description, and publication reference.


PDX Model Search Details 
Search results for a PDX model search, including the tumor site, type, and patient details.

Tumor Frequency & Latency Data
Example Medulloblastoma Tumor Summary - that includes the strain, organ affected, reproductive strain, infection status, frequency, age of onset and detection, any additional information available, and a link to published reference(s).

PDX Model Data
Example PDX Model details including patient information, engraftment host, histology images, tumor growth curves, and dosing studies.


Tumor Genomic Data
Tumor genomic data example for Lung adenocarcinoma - that includes the mouse chromosome number, mutation type, genetic change, and marker symbol.

Associations of Models to the Scientific Literature
Literature reference and link for a specific tumor strain.